iphone-incomeIt is no secret that Apple’s iPhones are expensive. Heck, even when Apple tried to make a cheaper iPhone in the iPhone 5c, it was still considered expensive which led to customers deciding to fork out a little bit more to get the “better” iPhone 5s. That being said, does this mean that iPhones are typically favored by those who are considered to be slightly well-off?

Well in a recent study conducted by the NPD Group, it was found that customers who made $60,000 or more a year in annual income tended to favor Apple products, while those who made below $60,000 leaned more towards Samsung’s products or other brands. In fact those earning under $30,000 a year greatly favored Samsung at 35%, versus Apple at only 20%.

If anything, the NPD Group has also found that while those earning below $30,000 did not exactly favor Apple products, they were also the fastest growing sales segment in the US in terms of smartphone sales. This suggests that while high-end products are definitely nice to have, and beating companies like Apple and Samsung at their own game is an added bonus, perhaps focusing more on lower-end products could bode well for other brands like HTC or Motorola.

In fact the Lumia 520’s success story is evidence that one can release a low-end handset that does extremely well. However it should be noted that the study does not mention anything about age. For example those earning below $30,000 could be high school or college students working part time, while those earning over $100,000 could be senior executives in their late 50s or 60s, which doesn’t exactly paint a full picture, but is still interesting to discuss anyway.

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