philips-intelligent-lighting-diagramEver wanted to make a certain dish but having a hard time locating the ingredients in the supermarket? Well Philips is hoping to save you time trying to hunt down ingredients by using their connected retail lighting system. Now it is no secret that Philips has been dabbling in smart lights. In the past the company has released light bulbs that can be controlled by an app running our smartphone, and now the company is hoping to find further use for such lighting systems to help out in grocery stores.

Basically Philips will rely on the lights placed in the store as a grid, and from there they will be able to pinpoint your location and help guide you through the store to help you find the ingredients that you need to make your particular dish, as illustrated in the diagram above. In a way Philips’ system reminds us of iBeacon which uses Bluetooth to detect when a shopper is nearby, thus activating notifications on the shoppers phone. In this case Philips’ system will also be able to notify shoppers of discounts on a particular item while they are within the vicinity of said item. It is a pretty awesome idea although this will probably require a fair amount of investment on the grocery store’s part, but what do you guys think? Could this be the new way we go about grocery shopping?

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