Philips Hue is a massive hit in the home renovation and home design world, watch these videos on Youtube, and you’ll quickly realize that the brand is always in the top products mentioned.

At IFA 2022, Philips introduces new Hue RGB lights with new Lightguide bulbs (photo above) and the Gradient Lightstrip for PC products.

Lightguide is a new line of lightbulbs, with a trio being presented at the show. They come in three shapes that can fit in many types of modern rooms. Philips also sells the cord and modern-looking metal holders that should be the baseline for any great modern design.

Philips’ Hue Gradient Lightstrip for PC ($169.99-$279.99) is designed to work alongside PC monitors and can accommodate screen configurations with one to three monitors of 27 or 34 inches. This choice of sizes addresses the largest segment of the PC market. Previously, Philips showed the Play Lightstrip, a similar product aimed at 55”+ televisions.

Lightstrip for PC can be controlled in different ways: via the Hue Sync app, the HDMI Play Sync box (the most straightforward for TV/monitors), or with Corsair’s iCue RGB software – that’s new.

This product is straightforward to install, thanks to its “LED strip” form factor, but its lighting animates in conjunction with the screen content, which is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the game further you’re playing without distraction.

RGB lighting remains a desirable option to change the mood of one’s room, and Philips is both a pioneer and a trusted brand that can command a premium. The recent partnership with Corsair is an excellent idea, and we hope to see more cooperation in the future.

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