Philips has introduced two fascinating and good-looking new OLED TV named OLED+907 and OLED+937. They are a great product design based on LG’s brightness OLED EX panels, and the integrated sound system is quite fancy and powered by Bowers & Wilkins.

It is common to hear people complain about how the sound doesn’t live up to the image quality of these high-end panels. However, Philips is out to provide a unique integrated sound system.

Philips also brings some technology to bear, though, as it uses its own Philips P5 Gen6 processor that handles the image processing and more. The strong point of the P5 Gen6 is that it considers the user’s environment, thanks to ambient light sensors embedded in the TV.

Over the years, Philips has accumulated a lot of data which it is now using to build neural networks that power the artificial intelligence (AI) of the P5 Gen6.

Philips claims its implementation of the OLED EX panel can reach 1300 NITs of sustained brightness, which is exceptionally high in the OLED TV world. That is made possible by a new heatsink capable of dissipating the enormous heat generated by such illumination. Before you ask, Philips says that the OLED display won’t have burn-ins or image retention even with a peak brightness of several minutes (10mn?).

The OLED+937 integrated speaker-stand system is an integrated Dolby Atmos soundbar, giving it a significant advantage over speakers trapped in a very thin TV chassis. The obvious downside is that it somewhat limits your home design options.

The OLED+907 has a smaller speaker array flush with the panel, but it still contains ten drivers for an 80W 3.1 sound system. This version is probably the best tradeoff between flat design and sound quality.

Because it’s a Philips product, it comes with the Ambilight RGB lighting controls to cast a perfectly matching glow on the backside of the television for additional immersion into the TV’s content.

You also won’t need to buy a Smart TV dongle because both TVs are powered with Android 11, and you’ll be able to download most of our favorite apps.

Overall, this launch was an agreeable surprise from Philips. We were delighted by how the company could package leading technologies from top suppliers, mixed with its tech and design, to build great products.

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