Want your lights to pulsate to the beat of your music like it does in the clubs? If you do, then maybe you might want to consider grabbing yourself some of Signify’s new Philips Hue smart bulbs. This is because the company has announced a partnership with Spotify in which we will see deep integration with the music streaming platform.

But wait, you can already sync your lights with your music already, so what’s different? The main difference here is the “deeper” integration with Spotify. According to Signify, this integration will use an algorithm that will analyze the metadata of each song in real time so that it will be better at matching the beat, mood, genre, tempo, and more.

Basically it will make your lights flash and pulsate more accurately compared to current syncing methods, or so they claim. The integration with Spotify will be free, all users need is a Spotify account and a set of compatible devices (like the Hue Bridge and color-capable Hue bulbs). The best part is that this doesn’t seem to rely on the need for a microphone, so you can listen to music with the headphones on and still enjoy the light show.

The feature is expected to begin rolling out as early access for Philips Hue App 4 users starting in September, before it eventually makes its way to other users as well.

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