Last year T-Mobile made waves in the U.S. cellular industry. The carrier embarked upon its “uncarrier” journey, doing away with conventional service contracts and the need to wait two full years before being eligible for an upgrade. Through its Jump! program, T-Mobile allowed subscribers to upgrade their smartphones every six months, twice a year. Now the carrier has removed that restriction. Subscribers will now be able to upgrade their devices whenever they want, though they will have to pay 50 percent of the total cost of their device, T-Mobile will cover up to 50 percent and will give them a new device, provided that the previous one is traded in.

Moreover, the T-Mobile Jump program now covers tablets, so customers who buy tablets from the carrier don’t have to wait for long in order to be eligible for an upgrade. They too will need to pay off 50 percent of its total cost, and once that’s done and the existing tablet has been traded in, the carrier will hand over a brand new tablet of their choice. The Jump program costs $10 per month and it includes device insurance as well. These new changes go into effect from February 23rd, new customers will immediately be brought under the umbrella of these new terms, whereas existing Jump subscribers will have to upgrade after February 23rd in order to opt for these new terms. Subscribers who’ve just joined the program recently will first have to wait for six months to be eligible for their first upgrade under the previous terms, before they’re able to opt for the updated Jump program.

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