worldview3Ball Aerospace, the company that delivers specialized hardware in order to make images that you see on Google Maps and Google Earth possible, intend to roll out their most powerful telescope to date. This will be the third of the Worldview telescope series, where it will be aptly named the Worldview-3 telescope. Just how powerful is it? Let’s just say that it could see objects on the ground as tiny as 10” across. The thing is, will there be proof of its capability? Unless one happens to work in a top secret national security agency or are part of the Worldview-3 telescope team, chances are the average Joe will have to sit this one out and take Ball Aerospace’s word for it.

Imagine eating a foot-long sub and having the Worldview-3 telescope check out just what you’re eating, although since the foot-long sub is less than 10” across, it is probably unable to figure out whether you’re having Italian B.M.T. or Chicken Teriyaki as its filling. Apparently, the public will be able to check out a resolution level which can make out an object that is 20” across, making it half the quality of what the government is able to access. Good thing that this telescope it isn’t going to keep an eye on you at all times, since it will have to move fast enough to cover whole earth once every two days. [Press Release]

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