free-to-playWhat do you think of the modern day models used when it comes to computer as well as mobile games? The latter tend to have games which fall under one of the following three categories – free (and pretty much useless), fully paid (all the bells and whistles have been thrown into the mix without requiring you to fork out a single cent more afterwards to complete the game), and freemium – a title that lets you get off to a roaring start, but is virtually impossible afterwards to complete without spending real money on virtual items. Touted as a free-to-play title most of the time, this business model is not an idea that the European Commission is comfortable with, where they have received their fair share of complaints from consumers “all over Europe.”

The EC intends to chat with tech behemoths Apple and Google later this week concerning transparency issues that occur in “free-to-play” titles. The EU’s executive body hopes that, once and for all, the term “free-to-play” ought to be used on titles in their app stores that are 100% free without the possibility of making any kind of making in-app purchases whatsoever. No sir, having in-app purchases on an optional basis is not counted, either. Do you agree with this step taken by the EC? Considering how freemium apps do generate plenty of revenue, it would be interesting to see what the result would be eventually.

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