exosuitThere is this sense of curiosity in humanity that continues to cause us to explore our environments, breaking new boundaries along the way, an exercise which more often than not carries its fair amount of risk. From space exploration to breaking the land speed record, here we are with the Exosuit that intends to help mankind plumb the depths of the oceans without having to sit in a specially modified submarine. Yes sir, the Iron Man-like 530 pounds, 6.5-feet tall Exosuit costs a bomb at $600,000, where it is capable of diving down to depths of 1,000 feet. Basically, the Exosuit is an aquatic super suit which is capable of keeping its human pilot alive and breathing for up to 50 hours at a time. I suppose being stuck in this suit for 40 plus hours is quite a challenge for most folks, talk about feeling claustrophobic!

The Exosuit sports 18 ruby-red rotary joints so that it is maneuverable enough to let divers swim about using their own energy. Of course, just in case you do not feel like taking a swim with blackness all around you, you can always rely on the integrated maneuvering thrusters so that you will be able to get around with ease. Michael Lombardi, the Exosuit’s pilot, will be participating in an effort to study the bio-luminescent fish this summer, fish that actually live so deep down, it is pitch black there. Godspeed, Michael!

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