facebook-unfollowWe guess by now everyone should have heard about how Facebook made a surprising acquisition of Oculus VR. From Facebook and Oculus VR’s point of view, this is actually a good thing because what this means is that virtual reality technology could become cheaper and also helps Facebook to expand into new markets.

Not everyone was enamored by Facebook’s acquisition, and quick look at the comments our readers have left us have indicated that there are more than a fair share of people out there who highly oppose the acquisition. In fact it seems that because of the acquisition, Facebook’s share prices might have taken a hit.

This is according to GameInformer who reports that Facebook’s stock fell by 7% to close at $60.38 following the announcement. In fact if anything, Facebook’s stocks should have risen because this acquisition is actually a boon for the company and shouldn’t really be perceived as being negative.

The same cannot be said for Oculus VR where according to a report from Kotaku, people have been buying stocks with the word “Oculus” in them, which we guess would be a big mistake since Oculus VR’s stocks are privately held as the company has not taken themselves public yet.

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