Google Play Music has been able to hold its ground despite the abundance of music services. However the existing Music Manager app for desktop left a lot to be desired, such as the ability to upload songs through a web browser. A new feature has been introduced in the “labs” section of Play Music. Through this users can upload music via a web browser by simply dragging and dropping tracks from onboard storage of their computers. If the track exists in Google’s massive music library it will automatically be added, if not, it will be uploaded.

That’s not all. Users also have the ability now to select certain folders that Google Play Music will automatically check at regular intervals. Whenever it detects that new songs have been added to these folders, it will automatically grab the new songs. The Music Manager app is now essentially useless since users can download their entire music library through the website as well.

Google says that these new features will soon be rolled out to all users. Those who don’t want to wait till that happens can head on over to the “labs” section of Google Play Music, found in the settings menu, and turn them on from there.

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