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Google Play Music Will Be Shutting Down This October
In the process of trying to create their own streaming service, Google ultimately ended up with a couple of solutions – Google Play Music and YouTube Music. It might be confusing to newbies as to which they should sign up for, but it looks like Google is now one step closer to streamlining it all.

Google Reportedly Has 15 Million Subscribers Across Its Music Apps
Google has reportedly racked up more than 15 million subscribers across its YouTube Music and Google Play Music services. A new report reveals this figure and also points out that it includes free and/or promotional trials as well. While the figure is nowhere near as high as Spotify’s, it does show that Google has seen some success with its streaming music subscriptions.

YouTube Red And Google Play Music Being Merged
Google is no stranger to developing products that may inevitably end up competing with each other to some extent. It then has to decide which product bites the dust and which doesn’t. The company faced the same dilemma with YouTube Red and Google Play Music. Google has now decided that instead of having to kill off either one of the two services, it’s going to merge them into a single […]

Google Play Music Serves Up Latest Music With New Release Radio
Google Play Music does a good job of providing personalized recommendations to users so that they can discover music that they might be interested in. Google’s music streaming service is now making it easier for users to discover fresh and new music. It has introduced a new feature called New Release Radio which will surface new releases based on the user’s personal tastes.


Galaxy S8 Gets An Exclusive Google Play Music Feature
There’s really no shortage of music services for your smartphone and many of you might be well aware that Google is running a music service of its own that the company calls Google Play Music. Back when the Galaxy S8 was announced in March, the company said that it had partnered with Samsung to provide Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ additional features to further improve the listening experience. Google Play […]

Google Play Music India Launch Expected Soon
Many in India have long been waiting for Google’s music streaming service to go live in their country and it appears that their wait might be over in the near future. Google Play Music is only available in a handful of markets at this point in time and an expansion to India has never been ruled out so it really won’t be surprising if Google makes an official announcement about […]

YouTube Red And Google Play Music Free Trial Extended To Four Months
You may not be too inclined to pay $9.99 per month for YouTube Red, a service that provides ad-free access to YouTube, though you can get all of YouTube’s content free if you just sit through some advertisements, notwithstanding the exception of some original series. Couple that with a subscription to Google’s music streaming service and you might be enticed, and if you’re still not convinced, Google is going to […]

Google Play Music And TripAdvisor Team Up To Offer Music Based On Your Destination
TripAdvisor is one of the most widely used online resources by travelers looking to find hotel reviews, restaurant reviews, as well as ideas of what to do in a destination they’re visiting. It has now teamed up with Google Play Music to provide you with music based on the destination of your choice. This new music experience will be available to Android users via the TripAdvisor Android application.

Podcasts Arrive On Google Play Music
Google today announced that podcasts have now arrived on Google Play Music. It’s finally bringing this much-requested feature to users in the United States and Canada. Surely it’s about time that podcasts came to Google Play Music. iTunes has had them for over a decade. Google Play Music users will be happy that the company has finally added this feature.

Improved Google Play Music Integration Comes To Shazam
Shazam is the go-to application for millions of users around the world who use it to discover new music. Simply let the app listen to whatever song is playing and it can almost always come up with a match. Getting to know the name is just one part of the story, though, wouldn’t you want it to be easier to purchase that track once it has been identified? This is […]

Google Play Music Podcast Interface Goes Live For Some
It looks like several users have reported that Google Play Music’s podcasts interface and functionality are now accessible, although this does not mean that there is an across-the-board implementation. It has been common knowledge since October last year that Google Play Music was being prepared to welcome podcasts into realm of audio entertainment, but yesterday saw sportscaster Bill Simmons share that this feature will indeed go live in February. Well, […]

Google Play Music Updated Sports Notification Panel Rating
Google is constantly on the lookout to improve their services, and hence it is no surprise that Google Play Music has been updated – and this time around, it will come with a notification panel rating. It does not matter whether you have a really large music library, or if you just like to go through the most recent releases, you will have a smile on your face when you […]

Google Play Music Family Plan Launched Today
Subscribing to music streaming services like Apple Music or Spotify isn’t too expensive at $9.99 a month. However if you have multiple family members at home who also wish to subscribe, subscribing individually does not make sense as it would basically cost you a lot more than if you were to go for a family plan.The good news is that if you weren’t particularly enamored by Apple Music or Spotify, […]

YouTube Red Brings Ad-Free Original Content For $9.99 Per Month
Over the past few months it has been reported time and again that YouTube is developing a new subscription service that will provide users with an ad-free experience. Recently we heard that the company is also creating new content with some of the biggest creators on YouTube and that it will keep that content behind the paywall so that there’s more value for subscribers and the service is more enticing […]

Google Play Music Gift Subscriptions Go Live In Some Markets
It was only yesterday when references to “music gifts” were supported on a support page for Google Play, a new page has now gone line which details which this feature really is, and it turns out that this feature enables users to gift Play Music subscriptions to other people. So far it’s only available in a handful of markets across North America, Europe and Australia, subscriptions can only be gifted to […]

Google Play Music Family Plan Announced
Just yesterday we reported that Google may announce a family plan for its music streaming service at the event today and that’s precisely what it has done, Google Play Music now has a family plan which allows multiple members of a family to share one single plan without each member having to pay for the subscription individually. Family plans are already offered by services like Spotify and Apple Music so it’s […]

Google Play Music Family Plan Reportedly Coming Tomorrow
 Google has an event scheduled for tomorrow where it’s going to make a number of interesting announcements, including but not limited to two new Nexus smartphones. The company is also expected to talk about some of its services and according to a new report a Google Play Music family plan will be formally launched tomorrow which will allow families to share one single Play Music subscription.

Google Play Music Wiping Downloaded/Cached Songs On SD Cards
If you’re subscribed to Google Play Music and you’re wondering why is it that as of late, your songs have been wiped from your SD card, well fret not because it seems that you’re not alone in experiencing this problem. There have been several complaints from users who are experiencing a similar problem.

Play Music All Access Free Trial Period Doubled By Google
Things are heating up in the music streaming arena since the market is being hotly contested by services willing to get a piece of the pie. Google is just one of the many companies that are running a music streaming service and now the company has decided to double the free trial period for its unlimited Play Music All Access service. New users will now be able to try the […]

Google Play Music Now Lets You Upload 50,000 Songs For Free
Google today made a move that’s going to capture the attention of its music streaming rivals. Starting today Google Play Music users can upload 50,000 songs to the cloud for free. They will then be able to stream or download those songs to their phone, tablet, computer and Chromecast as and when required. The limit used to be 20,000 so this latest move is pretty substantial to say the least.