fitbit-forceYou might recall that earlier this year, there were several Fitbit Force users who had complained that the fitness band had given them skin irritations. While Fitbit claims that the issue is not widespread, the company has decided to recall the products anyway just to be safe.

According to Fitbit’s CEO, he claimed that the company had done their own testing and could find nothing wrong with the product. However it seems that whatever it is that is causing the skin irritations has yet to be resolved, to the extent where the company has recently revealed that they are working with the government’s Consumer Products Safety Commission to determine what could be the cause.

Based on earlier claims, the skin irritations happened under the portion of the device where the battery and sensors are located at. Users claim that despite wiping down the device with alcohol to disinfect it, the skin irritations continued to appear, rendering them unable to use the device.

According to a report from the Consumerist, working with the CPSC is usually standard protocol following a product recall. Hopefully this will provide consumers with more detailed findings as to what might be the cause of the irritations. Might it be the nickel used in the stainless steel? Could it be material from the band itself? Perhaps the adhesive used?

Either way hopefully we will find out soon! In the meantime for those looking for a fitness band, perhaps you’ll want to steer clear of the Fitbit Force, at least until the issue is resolved.

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