Our wearables have become a lot more capable these days and many of them have health-related features like sleep tracking built into them. However, with Fitbit devices, it seems that the company is looking to introduce snoring and noise detection, at least that’s what an APK teardown by 9to5Google has uncovered.

According to the APK teardown, they have discovered references made to an upcoming feature that can detect snoring and other noises. This is done through the device’s microphone in which according to Fitbit, “We look for snore-specific noises. When our algorithm detects an event that’s louder than the baseline noise level, it performs a calculation to decide if it’s snoring or something else. If the noise level in your room is louder than the snoring, this feature may not be able to pick up the snoring.”

At the moment, Fitbit devices can measure and track your sleep through things like your heart rate and movement, but adding snoring and noise detection could help paint a better picture. So why is this important? This is because depending on how frequent you snore, it can be a sign of health issues such as obstructive sleep apnea that can have a negative effect on your health, like blood pressure, for example.

So being able to detect snoring could help paint a more complete picture so that if you are feeling unwell, you could bring this data to your doctor where further tests can be done. The feature isn’t live yet but given that it was in the APK, perhaps it will be launching soon.

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