fitbit-forceStaying fit should be one of the things that are located at the top of our lists, especially when it comes to wanting to live a long and healthy life. Well, there are always gym memberships for you to purchase, but the kicker is, you would need to learn how to motivate yourself to keep on returning. Getting a personal trainer would also help, and if there are other cute guys or girls in the gym whom you would like to know better too, is an added incentive. However, there are always alternatives to make sure that you have a quantitative analysis on how fit you can be or should be, which is why the Fitbit Force is now up for pre-order over at RadioShack at $129.99.

The Fitbit Force is a new wireless activity device that also doubles up as a sleep tracker. It comes in a sleek form factor for a wristband, and will be able to share real-time statistics while tracking steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes and even how well you sleep. Sporting an OLED display, it shows off statistics throughout the day, where it will also be able to wirelessly synchronize to your computer or smartphone in order to track trends over time. There are two sizes to choose from, where you can track goals and progress on a daily basis in order to remain motivated on your path to healthy living.

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