Imagine its a beautiful day and you’re out exploring a new city. Suddenly you’re hit by an urge to take a nap, but you don’t want to travel all the way back to your hotel. In your home city you’ll probably know what the best places are to sleep, one can often find people snoozing in the park. If you’d like to know what those places are in a totally new city, “Google Naps” has you covered. Its a website that lists best places to sleep in a city, with the places being submitted by the users.

Google, the internet search giant we all know, has nothing to do with Google Naps. Yes, its behind Google Maps, Naps is based on it, but Google didn’t create it. It was actually created by two chaps from the Netherlands, Kakhiel and Venour, who say that this website is simply a parody. Though you have to admit, its a pretty novel concept, letting people know about the best places to catch a nap.

The Huffington Post received a statement from Google regarding the website, and its not offended by Naps. Instead, it says that “as longtime supporters of napping, we’re thrilled to see Google technology connecting the world’s sleepiest citizens with places to catch some zzz’s.”

It may only be a parody site, but one must admit, its really not that bad. Besides, wouldn’t you like to be armed with information about your city’s napping havens?

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