LG-Optimus-G-00If you happen to own the LG Optimus G smartphone and was thinking of getting a newer device in order to keep up with the times, perhaps you might want to hold your horses for the moment. It seems that this relatively old handset still has some life left in its proverbial legs, as the LG Optimus G is all set to receive the Android 4.4.2 KitKat update some time later this summer, with this information apparently confirmed by the folks over at LG themselves according to our source.


It has been quite some time that the LG Optimus G has remained stuck on the Android 4.1 platform, so this particular update would be more than a welcome addition for the smartphone. LG has yet to introduce anything specific concerning the improvements that will accompany the update for the LG Optimus G, but surely one could make the safe assumption that the performance would be somewhat similar to that of the LG G2 handset?

Are there still any more LG Optimus G owners out there who are drooling over the prospect of getting the operating system update, or have you long abandoned yourself to the world of custom ROMs? After all, the adage of “better late than never” would serve the LG Optimus G well in this situation.

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