lg-lightsIt was slightly more than a week ago when we talked about how LG has unveiled their LG Smart Bulb, but that is not the only rabbit in LG’s hat to be pulled out. In fact, over at the Light+Building 2014 trade show, it seems as though LG has way more “tricks” up their sleeves for the masses, where among the include aforementioned LG Smart Lamp (Smart Bulb) as well as LG OLED Table Lamp.

The LG Smart Lamp, as we all know, can be hooked up directly to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, where you can then control its nuances thanks to the free downloadable Android or iOS app. The Smart Lamp itself will boast of nine modes of operation which can be personalized for each individual. For instance, in Sleep Mode, the Smart Lamp can be set to gradually dim as one falls asleep, and when the alarm clock rings, it will brighten up to assist you in your morning routine.

As for the LG OLED Table Lamp, this happens to be a world’s first, where it makes use of a curved OLED panel as a light source. The OLED panels that see action in the OLED Table Lamp happen to be extremely thin and flexible, and could be the next generation in lighting technology. You can also control the LG OLED Table Lamp remotely via a compatible smartphone or tablet that has the LG lighting control app loaded. [Press Release]

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