LG today launched a new product that aims to take on existing “smart” lightbulbs. Called the Smart Bulb, it an entirely different way of lighting your home. The Smart Bulb can be controlled through an app, which is available for both iOS and Android. It has several modes to suit the user’s requirements, and it happens to be quite energy efficient as well as durable.

Featuring “LG Smart Lighting,” the Smart Bulb offers several modes. For example, there’s a mode security mode that can make it look like you’re home when you’re really not. There’s also a mode that can make the bulb flash whenever the user receives a call on their handset. Brightness of the bulb can be controlled, and it can also be set to brighten up gradually to wake you up from sleep.

LG Smart Bulb is also capable of flashing light when the user plays music on their device, though this particular mode only works with the Android app. According to the company, these extremely low wattage bulbs can last for ten years, five hours a day. Initially being launched in Korea, the Smart Bulb costs 35,000 Won or $32 each. LG hasn’t said if and when the Smart Bulb is going to make its way to other markets, like Europe and the U.S.

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