ms-infoWithout a doubt technology has improved greatly over the years. In fact 10 years ago there were things that did not exist that we are currently taking advantange of today, and to a certain extent wondering how we managed to live our lives without them.

Technology like smartphones, 4G LTE internet on our phones/tablets, social media, and so on comes to mind. Microsoft seems to think so as well and has since released an infographic in which they show just how different things were 10 years ago.

Some examples they showed include the use of social media, where if we wanted to share photos of friends and family, there’s a good chance we might actually mail off printed photos rather than firing off an email or linking them to a Facebook photo album.

They also highlighted how camera phones were still relatively new to the market, as opposed to today’s day and age where the term “selfie” has actually made its way into the Oxford dictionary as a proper term.

They also mentioned how laptops back then where heavy, thick, and expensive, where the “latest” laptop back then would weigh seven pounds, measure 2-inches thick, and come with a 60GB HDD for $3,800. This is versus modern day laptops, or in the case of Microsoft, they measured it against the Surface 2 tablet where not only is it more powerful, but is priced a fraction of the price as well.

It’s a pretty interesting infographic and if you’d like to check it out and read it in detail, hit up Microsoft’s Office blog to find out more.

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