tesla-model-s-sunsetThe New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission has just passed a rule earlier today that will signal the end of Tesla’s direct sales of cars to consumers, being the third state in the country to do so after Arizona and Texas. This might end up as a rather huge blow to Tesla, who happens to be a manufacturer of all-electric cars, as they do not depend on dealerships in order to sell its rides, taking on a very different business model compared to the route that other car companies take. This particular rule would kick in from April onwards.

I am not quite sure just how this particular rule can be rationalized, as ordinary people are prevented from purchasing a more environmentally friendly car with ease. Tesla is no doubt upset about this development, where they shared that Governor Chris Christie’s administration had “gone back on its word to delay a proposed anti-Tesla regulation so that the matter could be handled through a fair process in the Legislature.”

Tesla also claimed that the state of New Jersey had been sitting on the “renewal of [its] current dealer licenses without indication of the cause of the delay.” Considering the delay as well as the relatively fast about turn, it seems that the world of business and politics have crossed over yet again. So if you’re living in New Jersey and would like to purchase a Tesla next month, chances are you will need to leave the state and hopefully plan a route back that has enough charging outlets to help you return home.

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