Tesla is one of the most popular manufacturers out there producing electric cars, despite the fact that its cars aren’t exactly cheap. The company already enjoys widespread presence in the U.S., with customers now being able to drive from coast to coast thanks to its Supercharger network. It currently has a modest footprint across the pond an Tesla plans to radically increase its presence in Europe by the end of this year. CEO Elon Musk says that the expansion will allow customers to travel “almost anywhere in Europe using only Superchargers.”

If you are a bit of a petrol head, you’ll probably know what a supercharger is even if you’re not surely exactly how it does what it does. Tesla’s Superchargers are entirely different. They’re proprietary charging stations through which Tesla owners can charge their electric cars for free. The first 50 percent charges under half an hour while a full charge takes up to 75 minutes.

Currently Tesla has 14 Superchargers in a handful of countries in Western Europe, it needs to plant more in even more countries to cover new markets such as Austria, France and Italy. Apart from setting up new Superchargers, Tesla also has plans to open 30 new stores and service centers throughout Europe. The expansion comes at a key time as Tesla hopes to launch a relatively affordable electric car in the future. Once the infrastructure is present, those who’ve always thought about owning a Tesla may actually go out and buy one.

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