Is there such a thing as an affordable Tesla model? Well, company founder and CEO Elon Musk did share some information on what the upcoming Tesla Model E would be able to offer to the masses, where it has been deemed to be “affordable” (which I am sure is relative to the Tesla Model S) for everyone. Apparently, there were enough hints that went around which suggested the possibility of the Tesla Model E sporting double the range as well as battery capacity of current affordable electric vehicles. According to Elon Musk himself, the Model E will be approximately 20% smaller compared to the Model S, where it is also fully capable of attaining a similar 200 mile range on a single charge.

If one were to perform some mathematical calculations, then this could point the Tesla Model E’s battery to be approximately 80 percent the capacity which is available on the Model S, where it can eventually amount to 48kWh thereabouts. It might have a lesser capacity, but this still translates to double the 24kWh battery which is found in the Nissan Leaf, that sports an estimated range of 75 miles on a single full charge. Does $35,000 sound too much for the Tesla Model E? After all, such a figure would be half the entry-level cost of the Model S.

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