Diamond-Armor-suitWhen you think of bulletproof clothing, chances are you are thinking of kevlar vests that police and armed forces tend to wear. They are typically bulky and heavy although they do get the job done at protecting its wearer from bullet shots (some, not all).

But what if you’re a high value target that needs to attend a black tie event? It would be a fashion faux pas to wear a kevlar vest to these sorts of events, or would it? Swiss company Suitart has recently developed a suit called the Diamond Armor suit which on the surface looks like your typical bespoke suit, but in reality it has the ability to repel bullets.

Made from 880 black diamonds, the Diamond Armor will not only potentially save you from a gunshot, but it is both waterproof and comes with a built-in air-conditioning system, thus not only will you be kept cool, you will look incredibly cool as well. We can imagine a spy movie scenario in which the spy, after getting shot, jumps into the river, swims away, and emerges completely dry and looking incredibly dapper.

According to the specs of the suit, it will be made from Croshield’s lightweight material that will offer Level 2 protection from bullets fired from handguns ranging from 9mm to 0.57 Magnums. The waterproof technology comes from Schoeller’s nanotechnology inspired by plants that helps to keep dirt and water from clinging onto it.

The air-conditioning system is one developed by EMPA that activates at a push of a button and cools the wearer through the humidification of water. Pretty cool, huh? Oh, and did we mention it would cost $3.2 million?

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