Back in November last year word leaked that Twitter was working on making direct messages more secure. It was said back then that the microblogging network is going to encrypt all direct messages sent by its users. According to a latest report by The Verge, Twitter encrypted direct messages might not be coming anytime soon. Presumably the company has shelved this project for unknown reasons, so it isn’t entirely clear if and when this might be implemented across the board.

Encrypted direct messages would have done wonders for the privacy and security of users’ messages. Not only would it then prove to be harder for hackers to get in, it would also limit spying by the state. The U.S. National Security Agency has already come under a lot of fire because of its electronic programs. The agency would have then relied upon court orders whenever it seeked to draw information from Twitter direct messages.

Apparently Twitter hasn’t even explained internally as to why this project is being gutted. Employees who were working on it are said to be confused with the company’s abrupt decision to put encrypted direct messages on hold. When reached out to comment on exactly why it was giving up on its encryption effort, Twitter declined to say anything on the matter.

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