Twitter users can already create lists of people or accounts that they want to follow. Lists don’t show up in the main timeline, so that is left uncluttered, and when lists are opened users only see relevant tweets there. While this works, its not exactly the epitome of a user-friendly feature. Which is presumably why Twitter is testing a new timeline called “Fave People.” From the looks of things, tweets from favorite accounts and people will show up in this timeline, which will be placed right next to the main timeline on the Android app.

This feature has so far only popped up in the alpha version of Twitter’s Android app, it hasn’t even made it to the beta version. So its too soon to say if Fave People timeline is also going to be rolled out for iOS and other platforms, that might happen if Twitter decides to make it a permanent fixture in its mobile apps. In the alpha version, users need to swipe left from the main timeline to open Fave People.

Those who follow a lot of people might find it hard to go through their entire list and star people they want in the Fave People timeline, though it would be much easier to include anyone followed after this feature goes live. Fact remains that Twitter might not let it pass alpha stage if testers believe it isn’t engaging enough. We’ll have to wait and see if it makes the cut.

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