vizifyYahoo has been in the spotlight recently, having cut off access to services for Google and Facebook log-ins. This time around, one of the early dot com giants who are still hanging around today has picked up another company known as Vizify, making this the 37th purchase for Yahoo ever since the company’s new CEO, Marissa Mayer, came on board in July a couple of years ago. The whole idea behind Vizify’s acquisition was to ‘bring a more visual approach to data’. As to whether this acquisition will be able to send more people flocking over to Yahoo’s services remain to be seen.

First of all, here is a little bit of background information about Vizify – this particular startup specializes in creating interactive infographics and videos of users’ social media data. We do not know just how much money and/or stock has exchanged hands in this particular acquisition since both parties have remained mum on the situation, but we are aware that Vizify’s services will be shut down after the acquisition.

Vizify sent an email to its users, saying, “As part of our transition to Yahoo, we will no longer be allowing new signups or purchases of paid plans. We will also be sunsetting the Vizify service. As for what’s next, we can’t talk specifics just yet, but we’re excited to bring a more visual approach to data at Yahoo.” Not too shabby at all, don’t you think so, considering how Vizify was founded in June 2011. There is no way for new signups or purchases of paid plans to happen from now on just in case you were wondering.

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