It has been a few weeks since a teaser video of Age of Mythology: Extended Edition was released, although you can view the recently released trailer above, and the question begs to be asked, what is Microsoft going to do about it? It has been confirmed by the folks over at Microsoft that they intend to publish Age of Mythology: Extended Edition, where the game happens to be a graphical remake of the 2002 fantasy RTS game which was first developed by Ensemble Studios which is now defunct, and the title will roll out this coming May 8th on Valve’s Steam service.


According to the trailer new above, it does seem to indicate that the remake will feature content of the original Age of Mythology as well as its expansion pack, The Titans, albeit sporting far fancier graphics to keep up with the times, ranging from better lighting and shadow support to day and night cycles, and improved water among others.

This particular port will be handled by Skybox Games, where it will also be accompanied by additional features that cannot be found in the original. Some of these new extras will include Twitch game broadcast support, Steamworks Workshop for mod creation and management, Steam achievements, and virtual trading cards among others. You will also be able to play a couple of new gameplay modes; namely a treaty mode and an enhanced Observer mode. Age of Mythology: Extended Edition can be pre-ordered on Steam for $29.99.

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