Apple and Samsung are at it once again. The second patent infringement trial has commenced, with Apple claiming north of $2 billion in damages. Electronic devices are routinely banned in courtrooms across the U.S., but Judge Lucy Koh and the Northern District of California are more open to them than most. The court allows live coverage and even offers a free Wi-Fi network to spectators and reporters. Though Judge Koh was irked by an Apple staffer sitting in the front row, continuing to use her iPhone when everyone in the courtroom had been told to switch off their cellphones.

Judge Koh asked for cellphones to be switched off when the connection kept failing. The Wi-Fi is also used to display court reporter’s real-time transcription on monitors at the Judge’s desks as well as to the legal teams of both companies. During a break, Judge Koh spotted the staffer, who kept using her iPhone. “You. Ma’am. You in the front row,” she reportedly said. Apparently she then made the staffer stand up, giver her name and verbally declare that she wouldn’t use the phone again in court.

Now in all honestly, the Judge would have done the same had it been a Samsung staffer. Its not like she has a personal vendetta against Apple. She also presided over the first Apple v. Samsung patent trial. This just goes to show that when you’re in a judge’s courtroom, you better do what he or she asks you to do.

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