bellabeatThere is just something about the miracle of a growing baby in a mother’s womb – no two ways about it. In fact, how the heck does a full human baby form in a matter of 9 months? That is truly a wonder to ponder over, and excited parents of their unborn child might want to be even more participative by listening to their baby’s heartbeat without having to go to the doctor’s. This is made possible thanks to the BellaBeat, a new app that claims to be able to track your baby’s heartbeat.

Just how does BellaBeat work, anyway? This particular device will connect to smartphones using the standard issue headphone jack. Once done, the pregnant mother can then place the BellaBeat over her womb, where it will perform its duties by showing off a readout of the baby’s heart rate. Of course, considering how social things get these days, whatever readings can be shared online via social networks and the ilk.

Apart from that, the companion app would also feature a section that lets you organize as well as keep track of prenatal care, in addition to calculating the significant dates throughout the different stages of a pregnancy, including the all important expected due date. The BellaBeat would cost $129 a pop and comes with a free app for iOS and Android platforms, where the latter would have just the beta version.

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