The-Elder-Scrolls-Online-fieldsWith the success that Bethesda has had with The Elder Scrolls franchise, we’re sure many gamers are looking forward to the MMORPG version. After all if the single player version was so much fun, imagine taking it to the next level with an online version!

The game is currently set for a release on the 4th of April although gamers who have pre-ordered the game have probably been enjoying their head start. That being said, Bethesda has recently announced that with The Elder Scrolls Online, they will be selling 60-day time cards for gamers who would rather not pay for subscription via debit or a credit card.

We understand that there are gamers out there who might be skeptical about providing credit/debit card information. There are also gamers who might be too young to have a credit/debit card which is why time cards will come in handy.

The time cards are priced at $29.99 each and will offer gamers 60-day access to the game. This is pretty much the same if gamers were to pay a monthly subscription, although this means that gamers will have to run out and buy a new card if it runs out.

For gamers who think that this is a game they foresee themselves playing for the next few months, Bethesda has confirmed that there will be a slight discount offered to those who purchase 90-day and 180-day time cards, although they did not mention how much those time cards will cost.

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