bing-personalGoogle is still the undisputed champion when it comes to Internet search, but this does not mean that its competitors are pleased to just play second fiddle without doing anything to improve their lot. Yahoo, for instance, intends to end up as the default search engine on iOS, while here we are with Microsoft sprucing up so that your search experience there is more personalized. Personalization seems to be a big thing, as folks want their homepage, social network page, gamer account, etc, to be truly unique and one of a kind. It seems that Microsoft is heading in the right direction then.

The standard issue front page on Bing comes with a bunch of virtual cards that are located on the bottom which show off the currently trending news stories. Well, it seems that you can now head on to the Settings section of the site in order to configure the page, allowing the cards to show off even more personalized news, weather, sports happenings, stock prices, and airline flight times, among others.

It is tipped that this particular personalized service will make its way to other Microsoft platforms in due time, and as long as you remain signed in, Bing will be able to take note of your interests and notify you during the appropriate moments concerning a wide range of Bing-powered Microsoft services. Right now, the number of items that can be set up in the Bing personalized cards remain limited, but do expect additions to be made down the road. [Press Release]

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