bing-smart-searchMicrosoft has integrated its Bing search engine within Windows 8.1 when the software giant updated its operating system in October. Well, the company has just announced that it will be introducing some improvements to Bing Smart Search later in the week which has been designed to make it easier to check out answers to common questions.

Microsoft has taken the most common tasks that people perform on Windows 8 and intend to make it easier to hunt down the right answers, so to speak. Steps have been taken to enable Smart Search to showcase the various results that are based on natural language understanding.

What you see on the right depicts a peek at how the improved Bing Smart Search will be able to direct users to the device setting feature in Windows 8.1 should they type in “how do i delete an app”. Other things that they can type include “my screen is too bright” in order for the search engine to deliver the “change screen brightness” selection as a solution. This contextual search will allow the company to “transfer” some of the more standard “help” functions in Windows to the Bing search engine. How has your experience with Bing been so far? [Press Release]

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