BlackBerry has made some major changes to its device strategy. Last year it only launched four BlackBerry 10 devices, the Z10, Z30, Q10 and Q5. It was expected to launch two more mid-range smartphones but they didn’t materialize, apparently the company cancelled them. We have been seeing leaked images of a seemingly mid-range BlackBerry smartphone, codenamed “Kopi,” for quite some time now. Its unclear if this is one of the devices that the company cancelled, or if its still on the cards for 2014.


It actually looks a bit similar to the BlackBerry Q5. The full QWERTY keyboard is there which even matches the shape and design of they keyboard found on Q5. The back seems to be made out of the same material found on BlackBerry Z10, the first BB10 smartphone that the company released in January 2013.

There are no details available about the specifications, so it isn’t clear exactly what processor the Kopi is running under the hood. Apart from that, the pictures don’t show anything particularly special. All the standard buttons and ports are located where one would expect to find them.


This year BlackBerry is going to change its device strategy yet again. It has outsourced development and manufacturing of low-end and mid-range devices to Foxconn, the BlackBerry Z3 is the first fruit of their partnership. The company itself will launch two high-end devices this year, and will focus on returning to its function key and trackpad belt roots. [Images via Techrum]

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