project-ara-teaserOne of the decisions we make when choosing smartphones is deciding if we are happy to trade off one feature for the other. For example you might like the HTC One M8’s design, but you prefer the Sony Xperia Z2’s camera, or you might like the Nokia Lumia 930’s design but prefer the Lumia 1520’s large screen instead.

This is why Google’s Project Ara has managed to get so much attention because modularity could eventually allow us to create the perfect smartphone for ourselves, much like how PC builders mix and match components to create the rig of their dreams, or at least one that’s value for money.

That being said, when can we expect Project Ara to be released? That is unfortunately still a mystery but the good news is that things have been progressing pretty well at Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group because it seems that the first working prototype of Project Ara can be expected this month, and could be just in time for the Project Ara Developer Conference which will be taking place next week.

It has also been revealed that Google could be planning on testing Ara devices in South or Central American countries. These devices will be pretty basic and features a WiFi module, chipset, screen, and battery. This is because wireless hotspots are pretty common in such regions and by creating such devices (which apparently only cost $50 each to make), it could target emerging markets as well.

All in all Project Ara sounds like it is shaping up rather nicely and it is definitely something to look forward to in the future, so if you’d like to learn more, do check back with us from the 15th-16th of April during the Project Ara Developer Conference for the details!

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