Google-Project-Ara-ATAP-640x401Google’s Project Ara is expected to make its way into the hands of consumers in January 2015, assuming that everything goes to plan. However what good is a modular smartphone if there aren’t any modules for it, right? Kind of like how BlackBerry hosted a developer marathon to try and get as many BlackBerry 10 apps ready in time for BlackBerry 10’s launch, Google is planning something similar with Project Ara by announcing a $100,000 grand prize.

This $100,000 grand prize will be given to the developer who comes up with the best module. This will be judged based on novelty, functionality, elegance, quality, impact, and commercialization potential. The module also needs to be one that could be used in everyday situations, so modules which are novel but have a very niche purpose probably won’t make the cut.

Google is hoping that with the $100,000 grand prize dangled in front of developers that it will spur them on to create some interesting modules that could be used in the Project Ara handset. However for those who don’t win, there will be two runner-up positions available and those two will be given all-expense paid trips for up to 3 people to the next Project Ara developer conference, as well as guaranteed hardware for their project.

So far we have to admit that we’re pretty excited at the idea of Project Ara and the potential it holds. After all with components that can be easily swapped out for something newer and better, the need to upgrade our entire phone on an annual basis is no longer necessary, not to mention we can finally customize our phones to our liking, not just in software, but hardware as well.

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