project-ara-teaserSo today Google’s Project Ara Developer Conference kicked off and while we’re sure many developers are being treated to the sights of the device and some of the possibilities that it could bring to the table, we’re sure end-users such as ourselves and our readers are probably wondering when will the Ara device be released to the public?

Well the good news is that users won’t have to wait too long because according to Google, they revealed that they are planning to release the first batch of Ara devices in January 2015. We should note that this is only an ETA and given that there is still a lot of time between now until January 2015, things could happen in between that could possibly delay the release, but for now we have a rough date to look forward to.

However there is still quite a bit of work left to be done on the device. For starters Google is planning on finishing up the device’s power bus in May, followed by the second Ara developer conference in July, and it is only in August that the first alpha build of the 3D printer meant to print Ara’s module is expected to be ready.

There is still a lengthy process to go through involving carrier approval, FCC certification, and so on, all of which Google has planned for November. Assuming that all of it is pulled off without a hitch, we can only assume that Google will then be able to meet its ETA of January, otherwise we could be looking at a later date, but better late than never, right?

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