Microsoft today announced a new All-in-One Media keyboard which it believes is perfect for your living room. It might come in handy if you often connect a device to your TV. Most people do, its one of the easiest ways to share photos and videos with friends and family. This keyboard makes it easy to share all of that content from the comfort of your couch.

The keyboard has an integrated multi-touch trackpad along with a full size keyset. This allows you not only to type but also click, drag, drop, zoom and swipe as you would on a mobile device or laptop. It connects wirelessly to the PC through a USB wireless transceiver. Though given that it is a standard USB-HID device, it should also work with PS4, Xbox One as well as some smart TVs. It also includes hotkeys which can be used to access commonly used Windows features, such as Search and Share charms and media controls like play/pause and volume.

Since it was developed to be a permanent fixture in your living room, the All-in-One keyboard is durable and spill resistant. It will be available for purchase starting tomorrow from the Microsoft Online store. The retail price has been set at $39.95.

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