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For teenagers its probably a nightmare to have their social media accounts scrutinized by parents. They often have a certain expectation of privacy, while parents are often curious about the company their young adults keep both on and offline. Even if accessing someone’s Facebook without their knowledge is bound to tick them off, sometimes it may even save their lives. A mom in Utah went through her teenage son’s Facebook page and found threats, she was able to alert the police before something unfortunate happened.

According to KUTV, the mother was stunned when she saw threatening comments on her son’s Facebook page. The police say that comments included threats to shoot him. She immediately called her son’s school which alerted the police. They arrested two suspects, who weren’t students at the school, and found a gun, loaded magazine and drugs in their possession. Police claim that they were ready to carry out the threat.

Salt Lake City police’s Det. Greg Wilking told KUTV that the threats were credible, and that there were also some pictures on Instagram involving a weapon. Thus the police considers all evidence credible, rest assured, the two suspects are in hot water. Had it been some other day, and the son wasn’t on the verge of getting shot, perhaps he might have been furious with his mother for accessing his Facebook. I’m thinking not in this particular scenario.

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