titanfallTitanfall is currently an exclusive to the Xbox platform as well as for the PC, meaning that if you wanted to play the game on other consoles like Nintendo or Sony’s platform, you’d be out of luck and you’d probably be better off waiting for the sequel which apparently will make its way onto more platforms.

However in the meantime it seems that at one point in time, Sony was actually pushing Respawn Entertainment for a PS Vita version of the game, but safe to say that never materialized, but why?

The story goes like this: Respawn had initially approached Sony before they signed an exclusive deal with Microsoft but since Sony wasn’t willing to divulge the specs of the PlayStation 4 at that time, Respawn did not know what to work with. However Sony did offer up the suggestion for a PS Vita version of the game and even offered to help make it.

It is unclear as to why Respawn turned down Sony’s offer to bring the game onto the PS Vita. Perhaps it was because they felt that the PS Vita was not powerful enough, at least not as powerful as they would have liked in order to maintain the experience of the game. As we can see in the final results, the game is beautiful and even the Xbox 360 proved to be a pretty good port, thanks to the folks at BluePoint Games who did an excellent job of porting it.

It’s also hard to imagine playing a game like Titanfall on a smaller display like the PS Vita, versus a larger screen like a television. While it’s not impossible, since we’ve seen FPS games make its way onto platforms like mobile devices, it probably just would not have been the same, but what do you guys think? Would you like to have seen a PS Vita version of Titalfall?

In the meantime if you’d like to learn more about some of what went on behind the scenes of the development of the game, you’ll want to check out Titanfall’s Final Hours app for the details.

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