titanfall-downtimeRespawn Entertainment’s Titanfall was released not too long ago for the Xbox One and the PC, although as it stands the Xbox 360 version of the game has been delayed to April. Basically what we’re trying to say is that the game is only a little over a week old, but it seems that there are talks about a Titanfall 2.


According to the reports, EA has managed to secure the rights to be the publisher (again) for Titanfall 2. Apparently this was under the condition that the first Titanfall game had to do well in order for EA to pursue that option, but based on reports so far, it sounds like the game is enjoying a fair amount of success despite some minor hiccups.

It has also been rumored that with Titanfall 2, the game will no longer be an exclusive to Microsoft. Currently Titanfall is only available on the PC, Xbox One, and the Xbox 360. Breaking this exclusivity could mean that the game could make its way onto platforms like the PlayStation 3/4 and maybe even on the Nintendo Wii U as well.

Naturally EA and Respawn declined to comment on the matter, so for now we’ll just have to take it with a grain of salt. In the meantime what do you guys think are the chances of there being a Titanfall 2? Based on the positive reviews we’ve read so far, it certainly doesn’t sound like a stretch of the imagination, don’t you think?

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