spinal-implantThere is nothing quite like advances in modern medical technology that brings about what could be deem as miraculous. Take these four men for example, where they are all paralyzed from the chest down for over two years. Not only that, their situation is further dampened after being informed that it is nigh impossible to regain the ability to voluntarily move their legs and feet, but through an electrical device implanted in their spines, they were able to do just that.

Sure, it is a far cry from actually getting up to walk, but at least being able to move one’s legs and feet after being told that it would be an impossible thing to happen is a great way to build one’s confidence. It is hoped that this success will be the stepping stone to other major advancements in such an area of medical development, where such a new treatment option could help many of the 6 million paralyzed Americans, with 1.3 million of those suffering from spinal cord injuries.

The RestoreAdvanced stimulator is the device that these patients can thank if they were to regain some semblance of movement after being implanted at their spine, where it is manufactured by Medtronic and mainly used for pain control. Epidural stimulation looks to be the way to go, and hopefully it will be affordable enough for the masses.

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