delicious-soldIt seems that the social bookmarking service that we all know as Delicious has been picked up by Science-Inc from Avos Systems, which is a company that happens to be run by YouTube’s founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. Unfortunately for the rest of us, the remaining terms of the deal have yet to be disclosed, but who knows? Something might actually crop up in the future.

Just in case anyone is wondering what Science-Inc is all about, it so happens to be a tech advisory firm that is run by former Myspace chief Michael Jones. The deal was confirmed in a blog post, where it stated that Delicious will “be the cornerstone property in our burgeoning data content group” and that “the understanding of trending content is unparalleled”, which is an implication of its daily links that amount up to a whopping billion, now how about that?

Delicious users who are loyal to the cause need not fret concerning the possible demise or closure of the service, as Science-Inc’s COO Mike Macadaan has shared that “in the near future, our focus will be ensuring that Delicious and its users continue to have a quality and uninterrupted experience.”

In fact, it can be said that the end user would not feel or see any negative impact from the acquisition in terms of its service, but on the contrary, might even enjoy less ad presence, which is always a good thing. [Press Release]

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