Forza 5 was released back in November 2013 and since then significant improvements have been made to the game. Numerous features were added and regular content updates were pushed which included two free track add-ons apart from the regular stream of DLC car packs. While it was expected that the car pack released earlier this month would end the stream of monthly add-ons, Turn 10 has other plans. Two new Forza 5 DLC packs will be released over the next two months.

Turn 10 has extended the life of Forza 5 Car Pass to include two more monthly car packs. Car Pass owners will get both Forza 5 DLC packs at no additional charge. The pack tied to June is going to be released next Friday. That’s 20 additional cars that players can collect, customize and race, bringing the total number of DLC cars to 90.

Forza 5 DLC car packs are usually released on the first Tuesday of each month so technically it should have been released on June 2nd. However the release schedule is being moved up by a few days so the June pack comes out on Friday, May 30th.

Once players own a DLC car pack they will be able to add them to their garage in Forza 5 without needing tokens or in-game credits. More details on the June pack will be released on Friday, May 30th. In the coming weeks Turn 10 will provide the full rundown on the July car pack.

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