microsoft__logoMicrosoft’s Windows Phone platform is not the most popular of smartphone platforms at the moment, although it does have it fair share of loyal fans and users who stand by the operating system. As it stands, iOS and Android are the biggest platforms at the moment, but is it possible for Windows Phone to eventually catch up? Perhaps, but it seems like it could take a while.

According to new data released by the IDC, they estimate that Windows Phone’s market share is expected to double in the next few years. Right now the market share of Windows Phone sits at 3.4%, and come 2018, IDC believes it will rise to 6.8%. This is hardly optimistic given that iOS and Android are in the double digits, suggesting that it could be many, many years until Windows phone catches up, and who knows what the landscape will be then?

IDC also believes that Microsoft’s new OEM partners, announced the BUILD conference last month, will help to contribute to Microsoft’s success. “At Microsoft’s Build conference this year, the company announced a number of key features that had been visibly absent from the platform in the past. If more OEMs get behind the platform, and device portfolios continue to scale the cost spectrum, Windows Phone can continue to gain momentum.”

While a 6.8% market share isn’t a lot, IDC remains generally positive about Windows Phone. They are, however, not so optimistic about Blackberry, and predict the Canadian company’s market share to fall from 0.8% to 0.3% by 2018. iOS and Android are expected to see their market shares hit 13.7% and 77.6% respectively. What do you guys think? Will Microsoft be able to beat the IDC’s expectations?

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