What would your answer be if someone asked you the method of typing on Google Glass? Fact is, Google’s wearable device doesn’t come with a native keyboard since it heavily relies upon voice commands. Tell it to take a picture and it will. Speak out a caption for that picture and Glass will transcribe. There’s may not be a need for a native keyboard but now there’s a third party solution. The Minumm keyboard for Google Glass has been launched. It brings a single-line keyboard that’s big on text prediction.

Minumm isn’t new to creating keyboards. It already offers a virtual keyboard application for Android smartphones and tablets. The developers have even demoed Minumm for other platforms as well such as smart TVs.

Once the keyboard is installed on Google Glass there are two methods for text entry. Either use the touchpad on the side of Glass or move your head slightly. Minumm is a single-line keyboard so its possible to enter text with head movements. Since text prediction is one of its key features users won’t have to move their head a lot.

Obviously its much simpler to just speak out but the keyboard might come in handy when you’re in a noisy environment or have an accent that Glass is not too particularly fond of. Though in public it might be best to use the touchpad for text entry since you probably won’t look so cool when someone watches you constantly move your head for no apparent reason.

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