no-nfsFor old time gamers who have been around for quite a while already, I am quite sure that you are more or less familiar with the Need for Speed franchise which has more or less seen a minimum of one entry every single year. Hence, it is a surprise to hear that for the year 2014, there will be no Need for Speed title that will be released from the garage of Electronic Arts.

I guess the long record of 15 years has now been broken, which does lead to some other questions. Is the series going to stop anytime soon? Fret not, Need for Speed fans, the series’ executive producer Marcus Nilsson did mention that they are currently working on a brand new game, but will require more time to polish the finished article, which is why it will not be able to make it on time to meet the 2014 deadline.

Last year’s entry, Need For Speed: Rivals, did do pretty well for itself, and Nilsson shared, “We’ve sold 10 million in the past. Rivals wasn’t anywhere close to that but it performed to expectations. It’s not like the franchise is in trouble or is going to go away. We’ve got a good base on PS4. I think Rivals as a game is the most innovative that Need for Speed has been in a while.”

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