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Need for Speed Payback Online Free Roam Mode Coming Later This Year
Need for Speed Payback players have long requested that they be given an online free roam mode. Their wishes will come true in 2018. It has been confirmed by EA and Ghost Games that Need for Speed Payback is going to receive an online free roam mode later this year. Players who have been keeping their fingers crossed for this gameplay mode certainly have cause to be happy now.

EA Dialing Back On Microtransactions In Need For Speed Payback
While loot boxes aren’t exactly a new concept in video games, they have been gaining a bit of attention lately as more players are coming forward complaining about how much money they have to spend for certain games that feel like pay-to-win. This has resulted in EA temporarily suspending microtransactions in Star Wars: Battlefront 2, but that’s not the only game.

Need for Speed Payback PC System Requirements Released
When it comes to racing games, EA’s Need For Speed franchise is one of the more popular titles around, and last year there were reports that suggested that a new installment in the franchise is in the works. This was revealed earlier this year at E3 2017 when Need For Speed Payback was officially announced.

Need For Speed Payback Announced By EA
Fans of the long-running Need for Speed franchise will be delighted to find out that Electronic Arts has announced a new addition to the franchise. It’s called Need For Speed Payback and it’s being developed by Ghost Games. EA is planning to release Need for Speed later this year for major platforms.


Need For Speed No Limits Arrives For Google Daydream
Have you ever wanted to race in a sports car but never really had the guts to do it in real life? Or maybe you just never had access to such a vehicle? Either way the good news is that if the life of a race car driver is something you’ve always been curious about, EA has launched Need For Speed No Limits for Google’s Daydream platform.

New Need For Speed Game Being Developed
Fans of the very popular Need for Speed franchise will be interested to find out that Ghost Games has started working together on a new Need for Speed game that’s due for release in 2017. The current title simply called Need for Speed, arrived in 2015 and those who are still playing it can expect Speedlists to be the last free content update for this game.

Need For Speed PC Requirements And Supported Wheels Announced
It was confirmed recently that the new Need for Speed game, simply called Need for Speed, is going to be released on PC. It has already been available on consoles for a few months now and has generally been well received. PC gamers will finally get their chance to play this title and they will certainly be interested in finding out the Need for Speed PC recommended specs as well […]

Need For Speed PC Release Has Been Confirmed
Electronic Arts released a new Need for Speed title last year which received good reviews when it came out. Initially, the game was only released for consoles but it was never said that Need for Speed will never arrive on PC. Today EA has confirmed the Need for Speed PC release and also the fact that it comes with the Manual Transmission update.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted Free Download For PC Available Now
Here’s your chance to grab one of the best Need for Speed games for PC at absolutely no cost to you. Electronic Arts is offering Need for Speed: Most Wanted for free through its Origin client as part of the On the House program under which it provides a game free for a limited time. Anybody who downloads the game during this time gets to keep it for as long […]

Need For Speed Dev Confirms Zero Microtransactions In The Game
A lot of games these days come with microtransactions. These microtransactions can come in the form of DLCs which can add new quests, new areas to explore, and so on. Other microtransactions can also come in the form of vanity items, like in DotA 2 and Team Fortress 2 where you can buy costumes for your characters.All of this is done to help earn the developers and publishers more money […]

Launch Trailer For The New Need For Speed Released
Only a few months back we came to know that a new Need for Speed title is in the pipeline, it’s simply called Need for Speed, developed by Ghost Games this is one that fans have been anxiously waiting for since the franchise skipped one last year. Need for Speed has already been put through a closed beta round, I did take part in it and to be honest the game […]

New Need For Speed Full Car List Revealed
It was confirmed a couple of months back that a new Need for Speed game is being developed, no new title was released for the franchise last year so fans have been waiting to see what developer Ghost Games has been able to achieve with the new one which will simply be called Need for Speed. Today the entire list of cars which will be available to players at launch has […]

Need For Speed Closed Beta Goes Live
Earlier this year EA confirmed that a new Need for Speed title is going to be released in a few months, many fans of the franchise were excited about the excitement particularly since no new addition was made to NFS last year. The new title, simply called Need for Speeds, comes after a hiatus of one year but does prove that it’s going to be quite a capable of game. Just […]

New Need For Speed Cars Will Be Unlocked From Day One
The decision to skip a new Need for Speed title last year has now got fans anxiously waiting to see what EA and Ghost games have to show for that gap year. From what we’ve seen so far the new Need for Speed is going to be a visual treat and it might very well live up to fans’ expectations, but that remains to be seen. What we do know for sure now […]