Fans of the very popular Need for Speed franchise will be interested to find out that Ghost Games has started working together on a new Need for Speed game that’s due for release in 2017. The current title simply called Need for Speed, arrived in 2015 and those who are still playing it can expect Speedlists to be the last free content update for this game.

Speedlists were recently added to Need for Speed, they are a series of multiplayer playlists, and they also happen to be the last free content update that the developer is going to release for this game.

This weekend a new Community Event will go live that will offer an additional $1,000 in-game credits from all Drag races. Latest community stats reveal that since the game arrived in November last year, players have collected more than 9.8 billion REP points combined, earned $2.5 trillion in-game cash and have taken part in more than 10 million Drag races.

Ghost Games confirmed today that it’s building upon the solid foundations that it laid with the previous Need for Speed title and working on its successor, it hopes to have the next game out in 2017.

That’s all that it has revealed about the next title, for now, we don’t know what it’s called and what the storyline will be, and if any of the new elements introduced in the existing game will be carried over. It’s also unclear if the game will be released in early 2017 or later on in the year.

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