One of the ways developers can raise awareness about their apps or games is by giving people promo codes. A simple campaign run on social media can bring in a plethora of users for an app if the developers start handing out promo codes. This allows them to get the app for free and play with it. If they like it its possible that they might recommend it to someone else. Apple doesn’t allow developers to offer promo codes for iOS in-app purchases, but that might change in the near future.

In-app purchases open up a separate revenue stream for developers to continue making money off of an app or game after they’ve sold it to the user. Usually in games IAPs allow users to progress beyond a certain stage or purchase vast amounts of in-game virtual currency.

So far developers haven’t been able to entice users by offering them promo codes for IAP, something that might get them to spend more money on in-app purchases in the future.

It doesn’t look like this feature has been widely rolled out but according to a report the company is already allowing EA to generate and distribute promo codes to allot users free gold which usually costs $2.

Apple hasn’t commented as yet on when we can expect this feature to go live for all developers. At the end of the day its yet another method that they can use to effectively promote their application to millions and millions of iOS users.

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